Signs Your Chimney Requires Repair

The chimney is often the most overlooked part of a house. Most people simply assume the chimney doesn’t require any inspection because it isn’t a structural part of the home. However, chimneys do require regular maintenance and repair as they can pose a fire hazard when neglected.

Mortar Joints Are Deteriorating

As a homeowner, if you notice any kind of deterioration in your chimney’s mortar joints, it needs immediate repair. The good news is that some local roofers in Southampton can handle the chimney repairs and inspect your roof for further damage. The problem with the mortar deterioration is it exposes the masonry to moisture, which puts your entire chimney at risk. In the winter, the moisture inside the masonry freezes and thaws, causing cracks to expand. This can lead to the entire chimney collapsing.

Spalling and Shaling

These two problems are similar as it involves pieces of the chimney breaking off and collecting at the bottom. Both of these issues require immediate inspection and repair to prevent further damage.

  • Shaling – happens inside your chimney. This is when a homeowner starts noticing thin pieces of chimney tiles inside the fireplace.
  • Spalling – happens on the outside of your chimney. This is when you notice pieces of masonry collecting around the bottom of your chimney.

Damage to the Chimney Crown

The crown is one of the most important parts of your chimney, so if it’s showing any signs of damage, it needs to be addressed quickly. The crown protects the rest of the chimney and the inside of your fireplace from various weather conditions. If it is chipping, cracked, or otherwise damaged, moisture can easily seep in and cause spalling and shaling.

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