Protect your Commercial Flooring with Epoxy Coatings

One of the best innovations to emerge in the commercial flooring sector was most definitely epoxy resin, which offers many attractive properties and can be applied to almost any type of floor. The benefits include resistance to chemicals, non-slip surface in any conditions and extreme durability, to name but a few.

Top Brands
The top commercial flooring brands include:

  • EcoShield
  • Hychem
  • Jotun
  • BASF
  • Durafloor

If you are looking for garage epoxy floor services in Adelaide, start with a Google search and browse the list of websites until you find one that focuses on epoxy flooring solutions. The provider would be happy to meet with you at your business premises and discuss the many options, plus the technician would show you many fine images of previous projects to help you make the right design decisions.

Graphic Underlay
Using the latest technology, digital graphics can be embedded into the flooring, which is under the epoxy coating and will remain in the same condition for years. If you run an auto repair shop, you can have the vehicle logos of the brands you work with, plus your own logo and bay markings. The epoxy contractor would help you choose the graphics and colours and once an agreement is reached, the installation date can be scheduled.

Screed Flooring
This is very much the material of choice for most businesses and with an epoxy or polyurethane coating, you have the perfect solution. Screed can be mixed to any colour and when professionally installed with an epoxy coating, this provides everything you are looking for in safe flooring.

Heavy Duty Flooring
If forklifts are working constantly with heavy goods vehicles backing into loading bays, then you need heavy-duty epoxy solutions, which are not only safe, they are also hardwearing. Major warehouses choose epoxy coatings, as do vehicle repair shops and car showrooms and whatever your needs, the local epoxy flooring specialist has all the answers.

Tailored Approach
The perfect flooring is one that is designed to meet the business needs and that is what the commercial floor contractor is focused upon; providing you with a floor that ticks all your boxes. You have no doubt seen some of the epoxy creations and any design can be incorporated, so if you want to add some effective branding, graphics can be embedded in any colour.

Once your flooring is complete, you will no longer need to worry and as far as safety is concerned, the nonslip, chemical-resistant surface is ideal.

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