One of The Most Valuable Pieces of Wood Work a Person Could Want

If there is enough space, then you can bet your bottom dollar that, if a property owner in Petersfield can have one, they’d have a shed.

Home, and a shed?

With the increased production of homes, you’ll find various ‘tenures’ available for open market sale, part rent/part buy or, even as a tenant renting a property from the owner, most people will have either made their choice of home because it has a shed or, has enough garden space to allow one to be fitted;

Sheds for everyone

If you look at a new build housing estate that has a variety of tenures living, or being built within the same development you may well be blown away to see that, some builders or housing associations supply a shed in Petersfield ‘as standard’ to most properties, regardless of the tenure, being housing associations, that includes social housing/tenants.

Much more than pieces of wood

Whilst it might not still well with purchasers or part buy/part renters, the sheds aren’t exactly the same quality, even still, what a bonus that would be, being given a shed as part of your lease agreement! There is something a little bit special about a shed that no other room in a house offers, it’s almost like a home away from home, a safe haven away from everything else that’s going on, a place of retreat.

Look after it

Some people would quite literally give their right arm to have the opportunity of owning or, being able to use a shed for various reasons so, if you have one, take good care of it!


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