The health of the trees and shrubs which grows in and around our property is extremely crucial. Trees that are diseased or have mechanical injuries can pose a safety threat to the community. How do you find out whether the tree is sick before it is too late? This is just one of the situations, where you need to reach out to an Arborist. An arborist will carry out a thorough inspection of the shrubs and trees growing around your property and give you a picture of their health. When you need an Arborist Report, it is only natural to reach out to Al Miley & Associates, who are the leading names in the industry. For an Arborist Report, you need someone who has the required knowledge, skills and tools to be able to carry out the inspection. Here is how you go about finding the right arborist for your arborist report.

What is an Arborist Report?

Before that, it is essential to understand what an Arborist Report is. An Arborist report offers insight into the health and condition of the trees. The report provides you with the details of the root problems like diseases, pest infections and mechanical damages. Then based on the condition, the report also gives a list of recommendations that can help alleviate the problems. It also provides recommendations of when the tree should be removed as it might pose a threat to the community. This report is also required when you are developing a property. No tree in Toronto can be removed without an Arborist Report as there are bylaws in place which protects the trees.

What are the services provided by them?

The company should be able to provide you with holistic tree care solutions. The tree solutions company should also provide you with various tree removal and related services. Whether you want to restore the tree, prune or simply improve the landscape of the property, the tree solutions company should be able to provide you with that. It should be a long-term one-stop-shop solution that will cater to all your tree care needs.

What is the quality of service provided?

The trees and shrubs which form a part of your property’s landscape deserve nothing by the best. Whether it is for the upkeep of the landscape or tree removal, skilled professionals should be experienced to carry out the job in a safe and environmentally respectful way. Irrespective of whether the job is big or small, the quality of the service provided goes a long way in building relations.

How to get the Certified Arborist Report?

Whenever you are planning to undertake any development, it is essential to get a Certified Arborist Report. Many things can impact a tree’s life and some of these things are not common knowledge. Having a Certified Arborist Report will help to prevent any tussle with municipality laws as all the required reports were obtained before starting the development.

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