Few Benefits of Concrete Leveling Foam

Do you find that the concrete slab has totally sunk much below the floor of your home? Or have you noticed that when you go for your early morning jog, you have to often avoid the un-level cover of sidewalk that is sticking up? Such things often occur in plenty of driveways of a home, patios, sidewalks, and stoops.

All the concrete slab, which was dispensed many years ago has now started to settle, hence sink in making the slabs uneven causing leading to dangerous hazards. One very expensive and problematic method is to substitute the entire slab, also pour brand-new concrete. Substituting the slab is not only time consuming but also expensive.

However, it will not solve the issue. Any new concrete is more likely to settle because of the fresh soil underneath. Though, there can be one concrete repair method which can save your time and also is less likely that it will settle again.

The Poly Level system is new technology of raising any concrete slab. Instead of using any mixture of concrete and mud, like mud-jacking, this Poly Level method will utilize high-density polymer for concrete raising Houston back to any desired level. Installer has to drill small holes on the slab of almost a penny size.

Then by using any specialized equipment, installer will inject certain structural grade polymer in the hole and fill the void in between the earth below and the concrete. After the void is perfectly filled the polyurethane will start expanding and thus raising the slab precisely to a stable level.

This method is not only one of the highly technologically advanced, but also has few important advantages too, over other alternative methods e.g. mud-jacking or concrete replacing.

Following are the eight advantages of Poly Level

  • Less and smaller holes as compared to other repair options. All the holes on the slab will hardly be noticeable once complete.
  • There will be no mismatched concrete floors.
  • Quite lightweight and much less than 4 pounds/cubic foot as compared to 120 pounds for any concrete or mud-jacking.

  • Quickly gets cured and can be driven just within 30 minutes after installation.
  • It will be waterproof.
  • High-capacity lifting strength ranges from 2,000 – 4,000 per square foot.
  • It can reduce trip hazards and also restores property value.
  • Material used are environmentally friendly which will never rot underground.

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