4 School Cleaning Tips to Follow while the Summer Break is On

So, the summer break is on and students are enjoying the break from their academics. And this is the time where the school gets busy in the campus maintenance and janitorial tasks. Now that the halls and classrooms are vacant, the school cleaning Melbourne can clean every area with zero interruption. Refer to this checklist when it comes to cleaning the school while the summer break is on so as to have a squeaky clean institution in no time.

  1. Flooring

Cleaning and waxing of the hard flooring in hallways and gum can take place on a routine basis throughout the year during shorter breaks. Classrooms, canteen, offices and staff rooms are put on hold because of the intensive labor being carried out. Summer is the best time to address to these places as it let for a thorough cleaning and polishing of the flooring. Hard surface floors may need the stripping of residue and the grime before the waving. For the carpeted areas, a clean steam gets rid of all the abrasive dirt that can damage the fibers as the time goes by. And never forget to clean and wipe the baseboards as well.

  1. Lockers

Besides backpacks, books, and sweatshirts, picture all other items kept inside the lockers like food, soda etc. You may also find chewing gum stuck to the inside of the door. Lockers lined in hallways or in the gym lockers are the topmost areas that need to be addressed in the summer break when it comes to school cleaning Melbourne. Now that it is empty, make the most of the time to clean and scrub the lockers thoroughly with a sanitizing solution that can disinfect and eliminate odors, stains, and sticky messes.

  1. Windows and accessories

Schools have a lot of windows. Clean them towards the end of the winter break so that they are crystal clear when the school reopens. Other items entail desks, chairs, and storage areas that should be cleaned. Also clean the underside of the desks where there is a possibility where the students might have stuck gum or other stuff and wipe down the legs as well. Also clean the door handles, lighting fixtures and other accessories.

  1. HVAC

Summer is the best time to get the air vents and heating ducts inspected and cleaned. HVAC tends to gather debris and other allergens that can affect the air quality and the performance of heating and cooling systems.

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